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By investing in basement waterproofing, you can protect your structure and living space from the effects of unwanted water.

Although a basement is certainly a valuable addition to a residential property, it can also quickly become a liability. The positioning of the basement below the ground makes it a prime target for moisture damage. If you experience a major storm at your home or have a leak on your property, the water tends to settle at the lowest point, which may be your basement.

Basement Waterproofing in Midlothian, Virginia

Many property owners in the Midlothian, Virginia area have basements, and these spaces can be highly functional when properly designed and maintained. But a damp, muggy, or water-damaged basement is hardly a place that you want to spend your time.

Instead of living in unpleasant conditions in your basement, reach out to our team at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC. We can waterproof your basement to reduce the risk of moisture damage now and in the future. By investing in basement waterproofing, you can protect your structure and living space from the effects of unwanted water.

There are a few solutions we recommend for basement waterproofing. Before we make a plan, we’ll perform a thorough inspection of your home and property to decide which will deliver the desired results.

One of the basement waterproofing options we offer is the installation of a French drain in your basement, which can funnel water away from the interior to a designated location on the property. We can also install materials to prevent moisture from coming through the walls and protect the space. Our technicians are available to repair the damage caused by excess water, making us your one-stop-shop for basement issues.

At Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC, we offer basement waterproofing solutions for customers in Henrico, Powhatan, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Louisa, Hanover, Chesterfield, Richmond, Midlothian, Goochland, and Maidens, Virginia.


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