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Our team offers the effective crawlspace moisture control services you need to protect your home.

Our team at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC understands that owning and maintaining a home can be a challenge, as there are many things that can damage your structure, and you need to be aware of them all and be prepared to intervene. One of the things that should most concern you as a homeowner, however, is the issue of moisture, as excess moisture can do serious damage to a house. There are several areas of the home that are especially prone to moisture problems, but the one that we are concerned with in this article is the crawlspace. Moisture from the soil can rise up and condense on the walls and ceiling of your crawlspace, gradually causing the supports to rot or attracting mold spores. To help you prevent these issues, our team offers crawlspace moisture control services.

Crawlspace Moisture Control in Louisa, Virginia

When you call our team for help with crawlspace moisture control, we will first examine your crawlspace to identify the extent of the issue. From there, we will create a plan for keeping moisture out—some solutions that we are likely to recommend include encasing the crawlspace in a waterproof barrier and installing dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air. With your approval, our team will then get right to work on implementing the solution, so you can start protecting your crawlspace right away.

We are proud to serve the community here in Louisa, Virginia, and we want to help you protect your home from moisture problems. If your crawlspace is affected by moisture issues, just give us call to get the effective crawlspace moisture control solutions you need.

At Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC, we offer crawlspace moisture control solutions for customers in Henrico, Powhatan, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Louisa, Hanover, Chesterfield, Richmond, Midlothian, Goochland, and Maidens, Virginia.