Common Problems That Require Water Damage Repair

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Water damage can cause lots of problems in your home, including mold and mildew growth and even potential damage to your home’s foundation. While most people typically think about floods or heavy rainfall when it comes to needing water damage repair, there are other common reasons for excess water and moisture to accumulate.

Common Problems That Require Water Damage Repair

Here are some common problems around the home that may require a water damage repair service:

  • Moisture from the AC. Air conditioning units produce condensation to keep your home cool. However, if the drain pan that collects this moisture is damaged, you could be dealing with a leaky AC unit that can cause water damage when not taken care of quickly.
  • Burst pipes. The pipes around your home carry water to and from your home, so if they bust, typically during colder months when the water can freeze and become ice, you could be dealing with a pretty bad water leak that can damage your home and require water damage repair.
  • Clogged or damaged gutters. When there is a storm, you rely on the gutters around your home to redirect rainwater and prevent it from leaking into your home. However, if these gutters are clogged or otherwise damaged, they can’t effectively do their job and can allow for water leaks. These leaks can lead to major water damage, so it’s best to take care of these issues sooner rather than later.

Water damage is a serious issue. If you’ve noticed water damage around your home, contact us here at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC for our water damage repair services.