Mold Remediation: Clearing the Air in Your Home Once and For All

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If you’ve noticed dark spots growing on your walls, strange musty odors lingering in certain rooms, or suspicious specks around your windowsills, you have a mold problem. While mold exposure poses serious health risks that worsen over time, the good news is that professional mold remediation can eliminate mold and prevent regrowth. At Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC, we are experts at permanently clearing harmful mold out of homes.

Mold Remediation: Clearing the Air in Your Home Once and For All

When providing mold remediation for homeowners, our licensed technicians follow a thorough, systematic process to locate, contain, and completely remove all mold. We also address what’s causing dampness and mold growth in the first place.

  • Inspection and Testing. First, our mold inspector conducts air quality tests and examines the entire home using infrared cameras, moisture meters, and other tools to pinpoint the extent of the infestation. We take swab samples to identify mold types and test for toxicity.
  • Containment and Protection. Next, we isolate and seal off moldy rooms with plastic sheeting to prevent spores from spreading during the job. We protect your belongings and valuables as well.
  • Mold Removal. Now the remediation begins. We remove infected drywall, insulation, carpets, furnishings, and other porous materials. We clean mold off surfaces with HEPA vacuuming, antimicrobial scrubbing, and fogging.
  • Moisture Control & Drying. We address excess moisture issues causing mold growth by servicing HVAC systems, enhancing ventilation, and utilizing commercial dehumidifiers and drying equipment.
  • Sanitizing. We sanitize the entire area to kill lingering mold spores and get rid of musty stenches, so mold doesn’t return. We also treat pests like termites that feed on mold.

Don’t let harmful mold threats go unchecked another day. As experienced, licensed mold removal professionals, we have the innovative equipment, methods, and expertise to effectively eliminate mold and moisture damage while restoring your home to a healthier, cleaner state. Breathe easily once more with our mold remediation services. Contact us today for a quote or any questions.