Reasons to Invest in Crawlspace Moisture Control

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Our team at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC has extensive experience in dealing with moisture damage. We have helped countless clients restore their homes following incidents of moisture or water damage, and we also know how to help prevent this kind of damage from occurring in the first place.

Reasons to Invest in Crawlspace Moisture Control

One of the most common sites of moisture damage is in the crawlspace, and damage starting in this area can spread to other parts of the home, so we offer effective crawlspace moisture control measures to prevent it. In this article, we’ll go over a few reasons why we encourage you to invest in crawlspace moisture control.

  • Prevent Rot and Mold – As we alluded to above, one of the primary reasons to invest in crawlspace moisture control is to prevent moisture damage. If you want to protect your home from wood rot, mold, and similar issues caused by excess moisture, we strongly encourage you to have us waterproof your crawlspace.
  • Control Indoor Humidity – Investing in crawlspace moisture control solutions can also keep your home more comfortable by keeping indoor humidity to a minimum. Without effective moisture control in the crawlspace, humidity in the air under your home can enter your interior living spaces and negatively affect your comfort. With our solutions, however, your interior environment will remain cool and dry.
  • Discourage Pests – Lastly, our crawlspace moisture control measures will make your crawlspace a less attractive home to pests such as termites, rodents, and other vermin. Many pests, including cockroaches, love damp environments, so by taking steps to keep your crawlspace dry, you can effectively discourage them from entering your home.