Water Damage Repair: 4 Times Not to Put It Off

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Few things can derail life at home as abruptly as showing up to find your home flooded. While the impulse may be to mop up what you can and then hope for the best, failing to contact professional water damage repair technicians right away often worsens damage and encourages mold growth.

Water Damage Repair: 4 Times Not to Put It Off

At our water damage repair company, we work to prevent headaches and devastation for you. Here are four scenarios where homeowners regretted taking a “wait and see” approach.

  1. Appliance Leaks. Whether it’s the washing machine overflowing with sudsy water all over or the water heater bursting at the seams, every second that water seeps into walls, under floors, and behind cabinets exponentially increases the extent of damage. Our timely water removal and drying services mitigate destruction.
  2. Post Storm. After storms like hurricanes or swollen rivers cause floodwaters to drench basements, crawlspaces, or first floors, it’s important to seek assistance. Waiting to reach out enables dangerous mold to take root wherever moisture lingers. On the other hand, rapid pumping out of water and dehumidification after flooding prevent major mold infestations.
  3. Frozen Pipe Bursts. When frigid temperatures cause pipes to freeze and split open, hundreds of gallons of water can spill out in mere minutes. Pipe break flooding that persists with no end in sight results in warped or rotting wood, electrical issues, erosion, and concrete foundation destabilization over time.
  4. Roof and Siding Leaking. Consistent heavy rains can expose roof deterioration or loose siding as water comes pouring through ceilings or walls. Letting leaks continue nourishes molds that permanently damage insulation, drywall, and ventilation systems.

In all cases above, it’s important to immediately cut off the water supply, leave the affected area, and call our water damage repair experts to properly extract, dry, sanitize, and deodorize the space. The faster we can respond, the more belongings, walls, floors, and furnishings we can often save while preventing longer-term issues. Contact us today.