What Does Mold Remediation Look Like?

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It’s no secret that mold growth in the home is dangerous to you and your family. It can lead to respiratory issues and damage your home, so knowing the ins and outs of mold remediation services can help you when you encounter mold growth in your home.

What Does Mold Remediation Look Like?

Mold remediation refers to testing, identifying, removing, and containing mold. This process identifies whether mold growth is a problem in your home and takes care of it if there is an issue. During the mold remediation process, special equipment and techniques are used to identify the presence of mold in your home. If any mold is identified, the next step is to confine the mold to an isolated area in order to prevent spores from relocating.

Next comes cleaning and removal. This process involves making sure the air is safe to breathe again while also removing the spores that have developed. After the mold has been safely disposed of, any surfaces that were in contact with the mold are either removed if they can’t be salvaged or sanitized. It’s not enough to simply wipe away the mold. Sanitization also typically involves deodorizing in order to get rid of the musty smell that mold gives off.

After the mold has been taken care of, a quality mold remediation service will take preventative measures to prevent further mold growth in the future. If you have any questions about mold remediation or have noticed a mold problem in your home, contact us here at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC to get the problem under control.