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Do you have mold in your home? Don’t panic. Call us.

If you discover mold growing in your Chesterfield, Virginia home, it can be easy to quickly become overwhelmed with figuring out how to take care of it safely and effectively. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about taking care of the mold on your own. Our professional mold remediation services can help identify the problem areas in your home and remove the mold spores so the growth stops.

Mold Remediation in Chesterfield, Virginia

Mold remediation is more than just removing a mold presence. It involves much more care to make sure all areas have been identified so you aren’t stuck dealing with mold shortly after you attempt to get rid of it. We’ll take a look at the affected area and make sure we know where all of the mold is located before we begin our work. We then take care to seal off the mold so the spores can’t spread once we start sanitizing the area and removing the mold present.

Left unchecked, mold can cause some serious side effects on your home and health. Breathing issues, excessive coughing, and fatigue are common when there is a mold presence in your home, and these problems are worse for people with preexisting respiratory problems. Our mold remediation services at Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC can help take care of any mold your home may have, so you can prevent these issues and more. Don’t let yourself feel stuck with dealing with a mold problem on your own. Call us today to get your home mold-free again.

At Nixon Cleaning and Restoration LLC, we offer mold remediation services for customers in Henrico, Powhatan, Cumberland, Fluvanna, Louisa, Hanover, Chesterfield, Richmond, Midlothian, Goochland, and Maidens, Virginia.